We caught up with the 2 Lovely Gays…

We caught up with the 2 Lovely Gays, interior design duo based in South London, who are everywhere with their ethos of ‘ Making Living Lovely’.We are all about storytelling and like them, the home tells a story through its interiors so no wonder when we asked them the question; What is your favourite destination…?They answered…
‘Our favourite destination is home, It’s the centre of our friendship group, it’s where we work, rest and party! At the moment our victorian wreck is our muse and motivation. We are so excited about working on every stage of our house in fine detail and all of the products we are designing currently have been inspired by the house and designed for the house. As we have peeled back the layers of paint and wallpaper and carpet, we keep finding new passion for the project and it has had a big impact on our style. We believe that home should be a space that gives you strength, represents your best qualities and is a retreat from the world when you need it. We can’t wait to share more pics of the project as it progress. It will be constantly growing and evolving with us as any home should.’
2 Lovely Gays - Interior designers London talk to Mockbee & Co.

2 Lovely Gays – London based Interior Designers

Added on May 20th 2016
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