Stunning Exclusive Wallpaper – Danielle Vaughan’s Bixby Rose

At Mockbee &Co. we have released a new stunning wallpaper collections created in collaboration with Danielle Vaughan, an up and coming designer.

The Bixby Rose wallpaper has been designed by Danielle Vaughan exclusively for Mockbee and Co.

Danielle Vaughan specializes in the media of print. She is well known for the exquisite craftsmanship and the delicate elaboration of her designs; she draws them first by hand and then, manipulates the drawings into the desirable patterns.

Danielle talks about the inspiration behind the design Bixby Rose: “I had created the design by extracting linear patterns from the Bixby Bridge, hand drawing the elements and transforming them into a pattern. I used the Bixby Bridge as my main focus as it was quite a milestone day – doing the 17 Mile Drive amongst other things. I wanted to create a natural quality to the design but also show the elements of the structure throughout.”

The Bixby Rose is a stunning wall covering collection with a unique decorative appeal and an elegant geometric pattern design. The design offers a modern beauty with a traditional essence.

This wallpaper is the ideal way to add warmth to a room and enhance any interior. The wallpapers come in different colours, including the trend colour for 2015 – Copper Blush with the new metallics coming soon. It is available for a limited time only and only available here.






























Added on December 1st 2014
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