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Interview with Patternsnap

Patternsnap interviews Mockbee & Co.


What specific design elements characterize a potential collaborator for Mockbee & Co.?

It has to have a luxury feel to it and we are particularly drawn to craftsmanship and hand drawn elements as well as metallics as they seem to elevate a design so well. At Mockbee & Co. we love pattern – geometrics, curves and other forms and how they are used is key to give that slightly edgy uniqueness which we look for. For example the simplicity of the Bixby Rose design, can be used across a range of products in many materials and by adding a metallic layer, it enhances the design further.

Is there anything else you look for when you’re on the hunt for new talent?

We work with people, so that connection is really important to us and that can be known within minutes of meeting a designer. As well as seeing a proactive energetic approach to their work, we also look for an entrepreneurial spirit, someone who will take risks, is collaborative, loyal and innovative! Quite a tall order!  

How closely do you work with the designers once you have commissioned them?

We work very closely and offer the support that is required. Some designers need more guidance than others, or maybe more direction in terms of colour palettes and scales, others just refining slightly. We have regular meeting on SKYPE or in person with the team as well, as we have designers all across the UK, it is challenging so technology lends a hand. The face-face interaction is key to growing the relationship. Trust and honesty will determine how we develop together.

What’s the most enjoyable aspect of working with emerging artists?

Their freshness, energy and passion for what they do. After all we are about ‘fresh luxury’. It is definitely a two-way process as we learn and gain so much from them as well. It keeps us ahead of the trends and sharing ideas and being collaborative with the same goal in mind – to create a beautiful design and product that will be around for a while to be enjoyed.

Other than the talent you’ve already worked with, who would be your dream collaborator?

We have several for different reasons! Kelly Wearstler for her graphic style and fearless use of large scale, Kelly Hoppen for her design vision and Jo Malone for her branding experience.

You are obviously passionate about supporting and promoting UK designers.  Do you feel there is an emerging UK design aesthetic?

Absolutely, there is so much to tap into, but we also feel it is undervalued. Part of Jessica’s role is to visit universities to advise and support final year students and this really gives us a little window on what is to come and it is very exciting. We want to urge young designers to have their own studios and build a brand, rather than work for other companies, (although this experience is valuable) sometimes the designers lack the confidence and business skills to go it alone.

What made you decide to release a wallpaper collection?

Sometimes people question why use it, yes as there are so many options out there these days but it is so versatile with so many possiblities. Besides the obvious beauty that wallpaper brings to a home, wallpaper is the single most effective way to change a room’s décor and enrich the space. We love the historical relevance of wall coverings over the centuries, how it has been used and in so many noble materials. Modern technology has integrated sophisticated printing techniques into today’s wallpaper as well, providing everyone with the chance to incorporate stunning art into their homes. The colors and patterns of wallpaper really affect your emotional well being and attitude, adding energy, serenity, or joy to your daily living.

We love being inspired by designers’ own homes and interiors. What is your own home decor like?

It is eclectic with a dark colour palette on the walls, in hues of grey and green. The floors are rough and ready in places so lend themselves to rugs really well. We have a sense of simplicity to our home, not overdone, so it flows. It has to be lived in and also work for us as a family on a daily basis. A scattering of objects collected over the years add some layers of individuality like our old gramophone or camera collection. I do love updating a room though, simply with some new accessories or lighting to capture new colours and patterns.

What is your top interior design tip?  

Work with pattern and embrace it. Don’t be scared of using it. Wallpaper is a great way to add individuality to your home as you capture colour and pattern all in one, so go with it!

Added on November 11th 2015
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