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When planning a room scheme, lighting can be something of an afterthought. For many of us, the decision might be based simply on a lampshade we like, or the existing position of fixtures. But, just as poor lighting choices can play down a room’s best features, great lighting can add so much more than just a ray of sunshine.

First of all, consider the practical needs that your lighting must meet. What is the room used for and by whom – for example, a child requires less light for reading than an adult does. Where does the natural light come from, and how and when does it illuminate the room?

If a space is used for several different activities, you may need to create zones where different types of appropriate lighting are used. A truly successful room should have a number of lighting solutions: natural light, ambient and background to illuminate it at various times of day; accent to highlight your favourite painting or feature; and task lighting, such as lamps, so you can safely and effectively carry out the activities you need to do there.

You should also consider how the lighting scheme flows through your home – stepping from a brightly lit kitchen into a dim corridor, for example, could be dangerous, particularly if you’re carrying hot plates at the time!

Clever use of lighting can work wonders in your home, enhancing its best points and alleviating its weaknesses. One of our golden rules is, always light your corners. Downlighters can make a short room look longer, while low-hung pendants create the illusion of high ceilings. A cluster of lamps emits a cosy glow on cold evenings, but if you really want to make a statement, drum lampshades with vibrant patterns really add wow to your wattage.

Also, remember to think about how your lighting will look in the cold light of day. Fittings should be beautiful, as well as functional. Copper or gold linings add a fabulous warm glow to evening light, plus they look spectacular during the daytime and can become a design feature in themselves.

All our beautiful wallpapers are available as drum lampshades, which can be made to bespoke sizes to suit your requirements. As well as being adorned with gorgeous patterns, we can add a standard white lining, or stunning polished copper or gold linings. Not only do these linings give your light a luxurious quality, they also offer a stylish way to hit the metallic trend for 2016.


Lampshades from Mockbee & Co.

Lampshades from Mockbee & Co.

Added on April 15th 2016
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