Interview with Yard Sale Project

1)    What are you most looking forward to working with Mockbee & Co.?

The chance to create some of the ideas of ours that have not yet had a chance to be realised. To work alongside someone with the creative vision of Mockbee & Co, and to reach a wider audience.

2)    What are you aspirations?

A retrospective at the V & A? World dominance, or possibly just the chance to make beautiful objects all the time.

3)    Where do you ideas come from?

A secret website called, only available to the design Illuminati. Visions of the true and joyous nature of Chaos in the scientific sense. The beauty of abstract shapes, and the joy of materials of all kinds.

4)    What is your favorite destination?

Corsica is wonderful, but I think for both of us it still has to be the top of a snowy mountain, with a snowboard strapped to our feet and the view of a pristine valley waiting forour blissful descent. That, and our lovely yard in South London.


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Added on March 28th 2015
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