Interview with Hannah Stanton


1)   What are you most looking forward to working with Mockbee & Co.?

Like many designers, I often work in isolation, so it’s always good to work with others, try new ways of thinking and working, broadening ideas. I am particularly excited to be collaborating with Mockbee as they have a history of exciting projects with designers and a wealth of experience.

2)   What are you aspirations?

Through working with Mockbee and using their extensive experience I would like to bring my work to a new and wider audience. Recently I have been working beyond individual objects to create interior spaces and installations, this is an area that I am particularly keen to develop.

3)   Where do you ideas come from?

Everywhere! Mainly from travel, witnessing nature in a different light and how it differs from my more familiar surroundings – you can’t help but be inspired! I work a lot with reclaimed materials and furniture, all with their own stories. I think about the life they have had and plan a new one for them.

4)   What is your favourite destination?

I could easily pick many far flung, exotic destinations but really I love being and working in the garden. It’s an ever evolving space in terms of colour, shape and texture, dictated by the seasons. If I need to clear my thoughts I head there. Planting, pruning and weeding brings order and calm to the brain!


















Added on January 27th 2015
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