Interview with Camilla Boler

Camilla Boler graduated with a first class honours from The Cass in 2014. Here she developed and expanded her knowledge of textile design, using screen printing and digital manipulation as ways to create fabrics and wallpapers. Camilla works with Mockbee & Co. to create wallpapers which have an esoteric edge to them. She is a rising star and Mockbee & Co. have just lauched her popular ‘Illumination’ design in the new colourway which incorprates the Dulux Colour of the Year 2016.


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1) What are you most looking forward to working with Mockbee & Co.?

The opportunity to explore new ideas and pushing the boundaries on design. Also, to having the flexibility on what it is that I am designing and being inspired by their other designers.


2) What are you aspirations?

I am currently setting up my own business that showcase designers works on a range of travel accessories. Similarly to Mockbee & Co, I love the idea of championing talented designers and getting their names and works out there. I hope to make products that are not only functional but beautiful and stand the test of time.


3) Where do your ideas come from?

I discovered a book called Alchemy and Mysticism which is full of really inspiring old imagery from ancient rituals and symbolism which I have been referencing. Quite often, I find myself influenced by books I am reading as they pull me into a certain mood that effects what I draw and create.


4) What is your favourite destination?

India is such a magical place to visit and has long been a favourite, it’s all encompassing and invigorating in all it’s colours and smells. It really is a feast for the eyes, with beautiful shrines and bright imagery scattered all over the place. I love going to the markets there and getting inspired by the textiles and the embroidered saris.


New designer from London collaborates with Mockbee & Co.

New designer from London collaborates with Mockbee & Co.

Added on September 21st 2015
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