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Collage Trend from dana Finningan & Mockbee & Co.

Collage Trend from Dana Finnigan & Mockbee & Co. in latest homewares

Choosing the right trend for your home is difficult but don’t worry we’ve got it covered…

Most of us can recall making collages as children at school – this simple technique brings together colours, images and ideas in a glorious collision and is often one of the earliest ways in which children learn to express themselves artistically.

The joyful feeling that exudes from a collage never fades, which is why we’re delighted that collage is a huge interiors trend for 2016/17. When you put this technique into the hands of highly gifted and visionary creatives, suddenly you see works of art that transcend to a whole new level and bring unrivalled colour and interest to your home.

Collage is making its mark on the catwalks this year and its influence is being seen just as strongly in the world of interiors. The true skill with collage is creating a supposedly chaotic look that is actually composed of an expert balance of colour, tone and mood to form an unforgettable piece.

We’ve been lucky enough to discover gorgeous examples of the collage trend in the work of Dana Finnegan. Three of her stunning collage designs are currently gracing our popular drum lampshades – these exceptional patterns have been inspired by Dana’s love of birds, the work of artist Gustav Klimt and childhood memories of Spirograph drawings.

From the 1980s vibe of the bright and angular Adolphe Triangle, to the understated elegance seen in Birds of a Feather, Dana’s designs offer a variety of interpretations of this major home trend.

Exclusive to Mockbee & Co, these contemporary yet timeless designs capture the effervescent spirit of collage and will look fabulous in any interiors scheme.

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Added on May 3rd 2016
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