A beautiful new rug from Mockbee & Co. designed by Kit Miles




Announcing the launch of a stunning new silk rug with a design created by Kit Miles in an exclusive colourway for Mockbee & Co.

Kit Miles found inspiration from ornamental metal cages blended with the stark qualities found in modernist grids. “I liked the idea of the viewer looking beyond into another space and of beautiful incarceration. Originally the design was intended to be for furniture and played on 3 dimensional effects on 2 dimensional surfaces. Through the very physical process of rug manufacture we found an equilibrium between this aesthetic language of “Fretwork” and the beautiful materiality of the 100% silk pile.”

Only 15 of these rugs are been released and they can made to any size to meet your requirements. A member from Mockbee & Co. would also be happy to visit you in your home or studio to discuss your requirements or that of your client.





Added on March 25th 2015
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