Celebrating our collaboration with the Yard Sale Project

To celebrate this collaboration we are able to offer The Cubrick Cabinet to all our clients for a limited time only.

YARDSALEPROJECT presents us with their collection of intriguing bespoke furniture which made their first appearance at Design Junction 2014.




This beguiling Cubrick Cabinet which belies its first impression of a standard storage unit is instead a thrilling display of furniture making virtuosity: furniture as an artwork and theatre. One moment it’s standing there calmly – an elegant tall cabinet with a smooth lacquer finish and numerous compartments. The next instance it’s a multi-faceted cubed revelation, revolving to reveal its 12, 16 or 20 square inter-locking storage units, all opened simultaneously in a magical dance.


The Cubrick Cabinet would be perfect as a cocktail cabinet that adds glamour to the party or as a talking point to objets d’art. It is available in a range of coloured lacquer finishes, to include grey, cobalt blue or pink, with complementing or contrasting lining of suede material. This beautiful piece of furniture will look wonderful in exclusive home interiors or boutique hotels and can be delivered by Christmas. See the furniture page for more details; http://mockbeeandco.com/products.php?cat=9

Please contact us for more information.

Added on November 18th 2014
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