The Colarado Sideboard – Yard Sale Project & Mockbee & Co. releases 25 limited edition pieces.


Please see our latest limited edition to join ‘A Most wanted Collection” – the Colarado Sideboard made with a variety of woods to give an array of tones with the added gold trickle running through it. A truly stunning piece developed with Yard Sale Project and Mockbee & Co.


Colorado is a sideboard with clear references to trees, rivers, and nature, without obvious plagiarised motifs. It wears its traditional shape easily, whilst creating a rigorously contemporary notion of how we should view the domestic interior.

Yard Sale Project has started experimenting with the techniques and possibilities afforded by the ancient craft of Gilding. ‘Colorado’ reflects their love of pushing old skills in new and un-familiar directions. The sideboard also takes their ‘Chaos Technique’, in a new direction by staying with a traditional shape and format for a sideboard and applying a rich range of timbers to its surface, with the addition of a ‘seam’ of gold as a focal point. The gold flows like a river through the woods, acting in deep contrast to the darkening timbers around it. Here the gold leaf is used for the love of its colour and sheen, and the superb contrasts is gives to the dark timbers that encase it.




















The Colarado is made from a harmonious variety of natural timbers,  reflecting a wide range of warm and beautiful colours, positioned to give a gradient of tones from the palest of Hollies and Sycamores, through the warmth of Yew and Cherry, to the rich depth of woods like Rosewood, Wenge, Ebony and Bog Oak. This last one being a 5500 year old semi-fossilised wood dug up from former peat-bogs in Norfolk. It is the rarest wood in the world!

Colorado comes with three drawers, each on fully extending soft-close concealed runners, with two doors on solid brass hinges covering a cupboard with one adjustable shelf within.

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Added on February 4th 2015
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