Rediscover colour

Added on June 17th 2015

As part of our rediscover campaign we want to offer some new ideas for your home.   Using Patina – is a great reflection of the passing of time, this aged bronze along with stained wood creates a feeling of luxury in contrast to brick and stone which are left raw. Put this with a […] Read more

Browsing new arrivals – including new design from Kit Miles

Added on May 22nd 2015

We love our sassy lampshades and not only do they come in 3 sizes, we also offer them with a stunning copper lining which looks gorgeous in daylight and then transforms a room with a wonderful glow when lit. This copper lining is a particular favourite of our as it really adds an extra dimension to […] Read more

Spring Greens – Decorating in green has so many possibilities

Added on April 20th 2015

As the new season is coming soon, we are looking at fresh looks for the Spring with green everywhere. Green is so versatile and can be used in the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom or living areas giving a feeling of wellbeing. use it as an accent, on a  rug, dinnerware or wallpaper. Add some pattern with stripes, florals […] Read more

Copper lampshades – interior trend

Added on April 16th 2015

At Mockbee & Co. we love bold and drama, but also recognise that neutrals can be very beautiful and elegant – but couldn’t resist adding some copper – just for that twist! CLICK HERE to view the collection. If you want to see the design then you can always order a wallpaper sample HERE.     Read more

A beautiful new rug from Mockbee & Co. designed by Kit Miles

Added on March 25th 2015

      Announcing the launch of a stunning new silk rug with a design created by Kit Miles in an exclusive colourway for Mockbee & Co. Kit Miles found inspiration from ornamental metal cages blended with the stark qualities found in modernist grids. “I liked the idea of the viewer looking beyond into another […] Read more

Stunning Exclusive Wallpaper – Danielle Vaughan’s Bixby Rose

Added on December 1st 2014

At Mockbee &Co. we have released a new stunning wallpaper collections created in collaboration with Danielle Vaughan, an up and coming designer. The Bixby Rose wallpaper has been designed by Danielle Vaughan exclusively for Mockbee and Co. Danielle Vaughan specializes in the media of print. She is well known for the exquisite craftsmanship and the delicate elaboration of […] Read more

TOBYhouse & Mockbee & Co. come together

Added on November 25th 2014

When we met Toby Sanders of TOBYhouse: New British Craft, at Design Junction 2014, we knew we had to collaborate together – his breadth of ideas and innovative approach was exciting. Toby’s energy is wonderful and permeates his design work, so we set to and arranged a meeting. The result is a new collaboration working […] Read more

Celebrating our collaboration with the Yard Sale Project

Added on November 18th 2014

To celebrate this collaboration we are able to offer The Cubrick Cabinet to all our clients for a limited time only. YARDSALEPROJECT presents us with their collection of intriguing bespoke furniture which made their first appearance at Design Junction 2014.     This beguiling Cubrick Cabinet which belies its first impression of a standard storage unit […] Read more

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