Home with a Heart

Added on November 17th 2017

Home with a Heart from Dulux                                                                                            HOME WITH A HEART: […] Read more

British design from the drawing board to the room

Added on September 12th 2017

British design is at the heart of what we do at Mockbee & Co. We work closely with new designers as well as more established studios to create exclusive home products for a stunning interior. This time of year is key for us as we start to scour for new talent to work with – […] Read more

Why tropical home interior design trends are smoking hot right now…

Added on January 2nd 2017

Do you want to add some life into your décor, but you’re not sure where to start? Then you’re not alone. Why not consider going all tropical? It’s becoming a growing trend right now. When some people hear the word ‘tropical’, they immediately think of loud, garish and over-the-top colours. But like all interior design […] Read more

We caught up with the 2 Lovely Gays…

Added on May 20th 2016

We caught up with the 2 Lovely Gays, interior design duo based in South London, who are everywhere with their ethos of ‘ Making Living Lovely’.We are all about storytelling and like them, the home tells a story through its interiors so no wonder when we asked them the question; What is your favourite destination…?They […] Read more

4 ways to bring the Art Deco style into your home..

Added on May 10th 2016

If you love the style of the Art Deco period, you are not alone! This trend has reappeared in interiors and it is so easy to bring this roaring era into your home. You don’t need to commit to a full-on period theme, as Art Deco complements other styles quite well. But the trend does allow […] Read more

Light up your life

Added on April 15th 2016

When planning a room scheme, lighting can be something of an afterthought. For many of us, the decision might be based simply on a lampshade we like, or the existing position of fixtures. But, just as poor lighting choices can play down a room’s best features, great lighting can add so much more than just […] Read more

Looking Both Ways into 2016

Added on January 7th 2016

Last season saw us launch our new wallpaper range at Somerset House at the Dulux Colour Futures Event. The overriding theme for this year’s Dulux colour trend prediction is ‘Looking Both Ways’ – the idea of looking back to the past for inspiration which will help us with future innovation & design. The different stories which […] Read more

Home to British design + Creation – About US #AllBritish

Added on November 11th 2015

    What specific design elements characterize a potential collaborator for Mockbee & Co.? It has to have a luxury feel to it and we are particularly drawn to craftsmanship and hand drawn elements as well as metallics as they seem to elevate a design so well. At Mockbee & Co. we love pattern – […] Read more

‘Heritage & Future’ from Dulux

Added on November 11th 2015

We often use the Dulux colour palettes to inspire our wallpapers and overall room decorating schemes. Heritage & Future from Dulux is about drawing on the traditional from our past such as the red seen here. However we are also looking to the future for new ideas so it is offering a new combination of materials, colours […] Read more

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