British design from the drawing board to the room

British design is at the heart of what we do at Mockbee & Co. We work closely with new designers as well as more established studios to create exclusive home products for a stunning interior. This time of year is key for us as we start to scour for new talent to work with – Co-founder Jessica Lozano says: “Our mission is to promote the talent of Great Britain as well as creating sustainable business for everyone we work with. I have always been obsessed with new design and love the fact that we are creating really unique home furnishings as part of a constantly changing collection. I am as excited as ever to visit the shows New Designers and One Year On this year.”

Although Lorenzo’s roots are in Southern Spain, he comments: “I am excited about working closely with new talent and developing collections for customers in the UK and worldwide. The creative industries in Britain are so innovative and we are proud to be a part of that.”

We source all our suppliers very carefully as we pride ourselves on quality and are able to celebrate good design and innovative techniques – sometimes pushing the boundaries.






















































Added on September 12th 2017
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