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Jessica Lozano - Home Furnishings Company - supporting the Best of British in Design


Every year amazing designers leave university and college and wonder what is next…? Or…wonderful women decide to change their career and start-up their own dream business.

This is where we can help with our flexible, affordable and relevant online courses to help you find a voice with your idea and follow all the steps necessary to take it to market.

The founder Jessica Lozano loves design – it’s as simple as that. Coupled with more than a decade of teaching and mentoring in business,  this interior and business professional seeks out the most exciting new talent and works with them to bring their creations to life. “We have worked closely with new designers for several years now to help them bring their creations into existence. Now we believe we can reach more graduates with our new courses. ”  Using her knowledge, innovation and expert eye for trends, Jessica can help you to bring into play a home furnishings brand, ready to sell.

Our approach is all about fresh ideas – giving creatives the opportunity to do what they love and make money.

Start from scratch and enjoy the journey with us….

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